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The MythBusters article on the VEX.  IEEE Spectrum  article. 
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PDA for VEX Robotics Kits Control your VEX Robotics Kit creations from your Palm® handheld.  Eliminate disastrous falls as your robot runs off the table because you just downloaded its new brain.  Get a nice LCD display to use for interfacing with your robot.  Keep a number of robot programs available and switch between them with a simple tap.  See your PrintToScreen output while your robot is running.  Save output to a log file for later perusal.  Profile calls to the VEXAPI from your program.  Stop your robot with a simple tap on the screen.  Not enough you say?  Well then, check it out just because it's cool!
Ready to move beyond the easyC™ GUI?  Take your existing programs out of the sandbox and spruce them up any old way you like!  Fully compatible with easyC because it uses your installed libraries and objects.
FREE CAD for VEX Robotics Kits
Looking to preserve your creations for all time?  Want to create building instructions to share with others?  Don't want to spend $$$?  Check this out.
All creations submitted to HobbyVex.org can be found here.  Submit yours today!